Lookurating is a small curating studio located in Suzhou, China. It focuses on encouraging, helping people to engage with art shows around them and bringing the beauties of artworks to their daily life. The founders want people to notice that art is always around us and all we need is to look around and take a look. So the translation of Chinese name of the studio is like “Look at what”, they aimed to have a young, artistic and adventure look of their branding.
I decided to give them a pop-out icon which can fit 16 X 16 pixel since they mostly use social media to spread information and get connected with their audiences. I chose to have an eye-like icon because of the name. Based on the idea of curating, I’d like to have an artistic and geometric looking of the icon, so I followed the measurements of Golden Rat io to create the icon precisely. To add tones of young, cool and adventure, I combined a vivid orange color with different blue colors.
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